The Council

The Catalan Council of Integrated Production is a public law corporation that is assigned the management of integrated production. It has legal personality, economic autonomy and full capacity to act in order to fulfill its functions.


Documentation for producers, processors and technicians


Integrated Production in figures

118 processors and 2.355 producers

118 processors and 2.355 producers

53 species

53 species

43.782,15 hectares

43.782,15 hectares


The origins of integrated production in Europe date back to 1976, when a group of five entomologists (BAGGLIOLINI, CELLI, STEINER, SCHNEIDER and ALTNER) from the International Organisation for Biological Control (IOBC) came together to lay the groundwork for this new conception of agricultural production, drawing on the many years of study and practical application of integrated control on pests, diseases and weeds.

The IOBC is a scientific, non-governmental organisation, with high technical prestige, made up of individuals andr organisations, and its section in our geographical area is possibly the organisation that has worked most in establishing concepts, basic principles and even the application of integrated production. The IOBC has published technical guidelines, both generic stating the requirements for the operators of IP (Technical Directive I), as well as the technical requirements that must be fulfilled by the farms of IP (Technical Guideline II) and the specifics for crops (Technical Directives III) as well as other documents.

In Catalonia, integrated production has been developing since 1992 with the creation of the generic name Integrated Agriculture and from 1995 the first specific technical standards have been approved.



President: Sr. Antoni Escarp Tomàs

Vice-president: Sr. Josep Segura i Solé

Board Secretary: Sr. J. Lluís Escuer López

Member: Sr. Jaume Bruguera i Bataller

Member: Sr. Antoni Galceran i Massó

Member: Sr. Josep Planas i Quer

Member: Sr. Josep Torrents i Duran

Member: Sr. Anton Crusells i Caparró


Rules and standards